Each owner of Tiger Transport LLC. has an immediate family member living with the challenges of autism. We have dedicated our careers to making a difference. We have spent our lives working with and for people who have varying disabilities.


As the parent of a child with special needs, it was difficult to work and get my child to school, daycare and therapies. I enlisted the help of a personal driver. My son was non-verbal, letting him ride with someone was scary.

Tiger provides drivers with experience working in the field of special needs. We are therapists, teachers, and coaches.

Tiger is an inclusive service. We transport all children but specialize in transporting children with special needs.

We take your kids to...


Our reliable drivers will get your children to school or daycare on time

Sports Events

We’ll get your child to their sports event.


We can get them to their practice when life gets busy


What Our Families are Saying

“My child has had the same driver daily for 2 years, he’s always on time and has never missed. Tiger Transport has been a lifesaver”

– Anna S

“I have used this service for my 3-year-old all year. It has been perfect. They know the teachers and office staff. The best decision for my family”

– Trisha A